Hostel Takeover: The return of the backpacker crash pad


Legislation currently coursing through City Council that would allow dozens of hostels to set up shop could affect the hospitality industry in the Big Apple as you know it. So what’s the holdup?

web1co0100a0625Jerry Kremer wouldn’t back down on the matter of bunk beds.

Mr. Kremer, a former New York State assemblyman and founder of Empire Government Strategies, is lobbying for the passage of legislation that would permit the licensing of hostels in the city and encourage their growth here. New York has never really embraced the hostel model, which until very recently conjured for the average American images of dingy, druggy European backpacker crash pads.

But local legislation in 2010, bill S6873/A10008, which sought to clamp down on SROs and other illegal hotels, also dented the smattering of hostels that had thrived in the city. Mr. Kremer and other advocates of the corrective bill, 1014-2013—Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Christine…

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