Millennials & Social Media: The power of conversations

Did you know that 7 out of 10 Millennials consult, react to or post about products, brands and companies on social media? Find out all about the power of conversations in part 2 of our infographic series: Millennials & Social Media! Discover which information Generation Y consults and shares, which online sources they trust most and the […]

Travel improves educational attainment & future success

A new survey, “Travel Improves Educational Attainment & Future Success,” explores the impact of learning-focused travel on academic performance  and career growth. The findings demonstrate travel’s power to transform how students approach learning, deepen their understanding of the world and expand their career possibilities. The Wagner Group, a market research firm, conducted the study by […]

The Future of Travel – Infographic

Young business travelers are greedy, tech-obsessed complainers who will gladly charge expensive meals and airline upgrades to their company account and post a negative review online if they’re not satisfied. Researchers behind the new Future of Travel report asked 8,535 employed adults in 24 countries how they conducted business and leisure travel to evaluate their […]

Unemployment plagues young people around the world

In many countries, youth employment is understood as a pressing domestic issue. But the proper lens is global: From Europe to North America to the Middle East, unemployment among young people has swelled into a veritable epidemic, one that threatens economic growth and social stability in dozens of countries for decades to come. Worldwide, some […]

Millennials & Social Media – Infographic

Did you know that an average GenY’er joins 2.5 social networks or that about 80% of GenY’ers log on to social media every single day? Find out all about Millennials and their use of social media in this brand new Generation Y infographic by InSites Consulting. Discover the main drivers for using social media and where they […]