Media Enquiries

WYSE Travel Confederation is based in Amsterdam, around the corner from the Anne Frank House. Operating hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00. Every month the Confederation sends out its newsletter WYSE Words which gives updates on the youth travel and tourism industry.

Our Sector Associations on the left of this page also have regular communications about what is happening in the accommodation, au pairing, working abroad and volunteering industries.

Making the news

As the sole global body dedicated to young travellers, WYSE Travel Confederation often provides statistics, quotes and opinions to journalists and media professionals. Our multilingual staff is able to discuss the various aspects of youth travel, from governmental policies, to the changes in travelling trends, to what makes a destination attractive. The NY Times,  the PIE NewsHostelurETurboNews and others have used us as a source.

Being in the news

WYSE Travel Confederation periodically produces press releases announcing strategic partnerships, research findings and policy initiatives.

If you’d like to receive any of these communications, please send an email to, specifying which one..

Likewise if you’re coming to the Netherlands and would like some tips about the country, give us a shout!