Apply Now

Applying for membership in WYSE Travel Confederation and/or any of its Sector Associations is simple and straightforward.

apply_nowHere is your three-step guide to becoming a member:

Step 1: Complete the Membership Application Form

Applications need to provide an existing Full Member of WYSE Travel Confederation and / or the relevant Sector Association to support their applications.

Step 2: Transfer your membership fees

Once the application is received, we will send you a payment email, informing you the type of membership category that your organisation belongs to and the annual membership fee for your type of organisation. we accept payment by credit card, PayPal and bank transfer.

Step 3: Complete the Additional Information Form

  • Applicants need to provide a copy of your organisation’s registration documents and your most recent annual accounts.
  • The required documentation should be submitted within three months of application.
  • Certified translations of your documents are required if the original document is not in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch or German. Supporting documentation is for internal use only and will be handled with utmost confidentiality. These documents are required to ensure that all of our new members are reliable trading partners for our existing members.

Important Notes:

  1. As soon as you have completed all three steps and been approved, you will be given full access to all WYSE Travel Confederation and/or Sector Association benefits.
  2. Please be aware that your offer of membership will be withdrawn and the membership fees you have already paid are non-refundable if you fail to submit your supporting documents within three months.
  3. Once your application is approved, your membership will be renewed automatically each year.
  4. The application generally takes 4-8 weeks to complete

If you have any questions, please contact us.