Paying your membership invoice: faster and easier for 2014

Membership fees for 2014 will be frozen at their 2013 levels, however at the 2013 AGM it was agreed that for 2014 onwards, an account fee will be added to all invoices. This fee can be deducted if payment is received before 31 January each year. Such a move was considered by the members present as a useful way to ensure the timely payment of membership fees, supplying the Confederation with the stable finances it needs to supply members with products and services throughout the year.

Payment will also become easier and cheaper as we launch a new service that will allow members the ability to pay in their local currency and without bank charges. The new system will also support payment by credit card, again in a local currency thus keeping charges low.Please remember, we are a membership organisation and your membership fees are used to support the activities we carry out on your behalf.

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